Ant's Airplanes has currently has a range of payware, freeware and demo aircraft. All aircraft are available for FSX and P3D (except the Tiger Moth which is FSX only).  Payware are available for purchase from leading flightsim retailers for a very reasonable price. See the individual product pages for direct links to retailer product pages. All payware aircraft have a demo version available (visit the Free and Demos page for download links). Usually these demos are fully functional versions (eg the demo for the Eaglet is the floats version while the demo for the T-28B/C and D models is the fully functional T-28A)

CAC25 Winjeel V1.30 Payware Winjeel page
Royal Australian Air Force trainer from the 1950's. Includes modern and vintage models as well as forward air control versions. Compatible with FSX, FSX steam edition and Prepar3D.

CAC25 Winjeel V1.31 Free/Demo download (77MB)
Royal Australian Air Force trainer from the 1950's. The demo version is fully flyable however the altimeter, airspeed and vertical speed indicators and engine wear modeling are inoperative. Compatible with FSX, FSX steam edition and Prepar3D.

T-28 Trojan A V3.20 download (145MB)
A 1950's era two seater military trainer aircraft used by the US Air Force. The T-28A is donationware. Free to use but if you like it please make a donation to aussiex or sim-outhouse. The T-28 Trojan A serves as a demo for the T-28B/C and D payware versions.

T-28 Trojan B/C V3.10 Payware T-28 page
A higher power version of the T-28A. Used by the US Navy as a trainer. The C variant includes a tailhook for carrier training. This is a payware product.

T-28 Trojan D V3.10 Payware T-28 page
The D version of the T-28 mostly consisted of original A model aircraft modified to use the larger engine found the in the T-28B. The T-28D was used in various military conflicts during the 60's and 70's. This is a payware product.

Swamp Wallaby V1.1 Free download (17MB)
A fictional freeware single seater personal jet.
payware: Commercial release. Click on the Link to be taken to the product page.

Eaglet LSA V2.20 Payware Eaglet page
High wing two seat light sport aircraft. Includes floats version.

Eaglet Floats LSA V2.20 Free/Demo download (71MB)
Floats only version of the Eaglet. Also called the Seasky. This can be used freely with no limitations. It also serves as a demo for the payware Eaglet.

Sierra LSA V2.30 Payware Sierra page
Low wing two seat light sport aircraft.

Sierra LSA V2.30 Demo download (31MB)
A feature limited demo of the Sierra LSA payware aircraft. This demo allows you to check the performance of the Sierra on your system.

Drifter Ultralight V2.00 Payware Drifter page
Two seater ultralight aircraft. Provides superb visibility for enjoying your FSX scenery. Includes the floats version.

Drifter Floats Ultralight V2.00 Free/Demo download (52MB)
Floats only version of the Drifter. This can be used freely with no limitations. It also serves as a demo for the payware Drifter.

Tiger Moth V1.1 Free download (72MB)
The classic biplane trainer. This is FSX only and may not be compatible with P3D.

To check the version you have installed open the pilot's handbook for the appropriate aircraft. The version number is written on the top of each page.

Winjeel Drifter

Ant's Airplanes produces a range of high quality freeware and payware aircraft and sceneries for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.

The full range of aircraft available is displayed on the right hand side of this page. Select any of the pictures for more information or go to the Free and Demos page to see what you can get for free.

All scenery is freeware and consists mainly of Australian airports.

NEWS > WINJEEL V1.31 Patch for FSX:Steam Edition (Mar 2018)

1.31 PATCH for CAC Winjeel for FSX:Steam Edition (Download)
This optional patch is for FSX:Steam Edition payware version only. Do not install this patch if you are not using FSX:Steam Edition. The demo version has been updated to include this patch and demo users should redownload the full installer (Download Winjeel demo)

The patch fixes an issue where the mouse zones would disappear making it impossible to mouse click on controls. Users of the Winjeel in FSX:Steam Edition should only need to install this patch if they are having issues with disappearing mouse zones. The cause of the issue is a bug in FSX:Steam Edition. It appears that FSX:SE only supports 64 bone/skin animations. If there are more than 64 bone/skin animations then it appears to cause some corruption of the mouse map memory in the virtual cockpit leading to the loss of the mouse zones.

The Winjeel uses bone/skin animations for the landing and taxi light splashes on the ground as well as the FAC aerial. As the number of these skin/bone animations exceeds 64 it triggers the bug in FSX:SE. This patch removes the skin/bone animations for the light splashes (but keeps the FAC aerial animations) and replaces them with the default landing light effect. This is not as pretty but it fixes the missing mouse zones.

NEWS > New direct purchase option (Aug 2018)

Customers may now buy aircraft direct from Ant's Airplanes. Customers may choose to buy either through FastSpring or SendOwl.

FastSpring offers the following:
- Payments may be made via most major credit cards or PayPal. Other options may be available depending on which country you are in.
- European Union customers are supported.
- Download links are valid for 7 days from the time of purchase. You should therefore ensure you keep a safe backup copy of the download. If you need the download link reset please contact me.
- If an update is released then the download link will be reset and you will be able to download the new version at any time.

SendOwl offers the following:
- Payments are made through PayPal (you may pay with a credit card through the PayPal checkout without needing to make a PayPal account).
- European Union customers are not supported through SendOwl (due to the EU VAT tax rules).
- Download links do not have a time limit. There is a download limit of 5 times though. If you need the download link reset please contact me.
- If an update is released then the download limit will be reset.

For more information about buying direct click here.

NEWS > FlightSim Store removed as payment option (Updated 1 Sep 2018)
The FlightSim Store has been removed as a payment option.

FlightSim Store customers who are unable to download any Ant's Airplanes products should contact me ( with details of their orders (product(s) bought and the order number). I will then be able to provide these customers with new download links.